The importance of good corporate and LinkedIn Headshot

Do you need a corporate headshot or a new/updated LinkedIn headshot? Is your photo professional and gives the right impression?


We have all seen some profiles with no photo or a photo put up from a family occasion and not in the correct attire.

Often photos can be in poor resolution and are very out of date.


It gives a wrong impression and gives the wrong message to anyone viewing your profile.


Here are a few tips on the importance of a good corporate headshot.


Use an up-to-date photo, I tell photos to be no more than two years old.


Is your photo recent? Can people recognize you when they see you in an interview, on zoom or in a meeting situation?

For LinkedIn, A close up photo looking into the camera has the best impact.


Avoid looking away from the camera photos as people want to see you.

SMILE; Be yourself and that includes your smile. I will engage with you that will bring out your natural expression.

There is nothing worse than a fake smile in a corporate headshot.


A warm, friendly smile will encourage people to engage and connect with you. 

We need that twinkle in your eyes that shows your enthusiasm and passion for life and for what you do.

ATTIRE: Keep it simple, solid colours work great as it keeps the headshot timeless.


For women.  Wear a dress, jacket, blouse in solid colours, Avoid low necklines and sleeveless tops.

Avoid bat wings tops and stripes as they are distracting.


Keep jewellery simple and plan your hair and makeup choice before the shoot

For men. The formal shirt and tie are not seen much on LinkedIn.

Select a plain solid shirt and a suit jacket. No casual shirts or t-shirts .

Hair to tidy and shaved.


We also offer staff headshot packages which can done in the studio or in the company's office.


Lightening: We have this covered as we use professional lighting set up in the studio.

This will ensure your skin will look flawless and your eyes will sparkle.

Background: We use a plain background behind you.

This will ensure all the focus is on you. No Distractions






Be yourself and let me capture the best version of you.

It's so important to have a profile photo that shows you as an approachable, friendly and warm person.


It’s time to invest in you and book corporate headshots shoot.

Make a brilliant first impression by getting a professional headshot



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September 21, 2022