Sisters Communion & Confirmation Portraits

 Confirmation & Communion Portrait shoot for 3 Sisters.

I adore communion shoots , indoor or outdoor. I just love how the focus is on that child for the whole day and it’s one day they will remember . I love being part of the day and the shoot is fun and engaging .

Now when the shoot is 3 sisters , twins for communion and older sister got confirmation we decided on studio shoot so we could be more creative and not rely on the weather which was turned out to be a very wet morning .

In the comfort of the warm studio, We had such fun and as I photographed the girls before I got extra time to be creative .
I knew what I wanted to create as I had all my shoot planned out and light setup well in advantage of the shoot, I had all equipment set up and showed the girls what to do and even had sample photos to show them the poses.
The result ….epic

The mum gave a gasped when she saw the frames and as I am a mum to twins too I know how these special milestones really are. Double the joy.

It’s incredible to do a job I love , truly love 📸❤️. I love creating contemporary portraits and teaching the girls what to do was so much fun. They will always look back on their photos with joy.

Get in touch if you have a date for communion/confirmation in 2022.
A image is what makes a house a HOME. Let me create that image.

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January 19, 2022