Life is a miracle

Let's celebrate life

The one thing most women don't capture during the 9 months pf pregnancy is one photo of them they love.
The body goes through so much changes and there is so much to do to prepare for the new arrival. The one thing most women forget it to press the pause button and book a photoshoot.
It's incredible to capture life's amazing miracles, having a baby.

It is one if the easiest shoot to prepare for a you need nothing but yourself.
We can do your hair and make up, We have the props.
Partners/husbands and siblings are so welcome to the shoot.

The best time to book in for the shoot is between 28-35 weeks for a single pregnancy.
Book week 27-32 weeks for a multiple pregnancy as a mum to twins myself, month eight doesn't exit !!

Once the baby is born we will schedule another shoot in the first months to capture to second part of this shoot.

This would be such a fabulous gift for a fabulous couple or for yourself.

To buy a gift voucher call the studio on 087 8351106
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January 19, 2022