Architectural and Interiors Photography

 Architectural and Interiors Photography

My name is Jill O’Meara and my studio is in Enfield Co Meath, and I can travels to other counties to photograph incredible interiors created by Ireland’s best designers.

I worked in the Architectural industry for over 12 years before my professional photography career.

I adore photograph building as I know exactly how long and how much work goes into the design and build stage and its pure joy to capture the final result through my lens.

Worth It? 3 Reasons Why Professional Photography Matters to Interior Designers.

Jill O'Meara shares the benefits of working with a professional photographer.

1. Build your portfolio. Photography is an investment in your brand because it displays all of your hard work.

Don’t let those efforts go unnoticed (many projects take years)––invest in high-quality images that convey your talent.

2. Attract the right client. Effective interior photography should showcase your best projects and your aesthetic. As you build your business and refine your personal brand, these images will help market to the clientele you really want.


3. Maximize your marketing. Photography is your main marketing expense, as social media is free. Investing in imagery is one of the most powerful ways to attract new clients. Many of my designers say that at least 80% of their clients come from social media marketing.


Interior Photography

Interior photography is the most challenging of all the professional genres of commercial photography. Every detail is critical. Every prop must be correct and in just the right location. Clutter must be avoided.. Lighting can be challenging. And in addition to all that, one must understand how best to portray the look and feel of the space that the architect or interior designer worked so hard to convey.


The photograph  will always be better than the reality. It will have clarity of vision, illustrate what your client is selling, have an atmosphere of light, be inviting, have a feeling of presence, have a clean and simple look.


Staging is a huge part of internal photography.

I start by taking out all the clutter and then carefully putting things back or finding other elements that complement the space. 

Bookshelves are rearranged to look more uniform and uncluttered, desks and work areas are totally cleaned up. 

I almost always add fresh flowers and plants to soften the look and feel of the space, as well as books to fill space on tabletops, etc.

Kitchens are particularly challenging to prop; they must look clean and orderly but also livable. 

One of the most important qualities that the interior photographer must have is patience, as well as being extremely detail oriented.

It is essential to have everything perfect: the arrangement of the flowers in the vase, the space between accessories on the table. 

Lampshades must be straight and undistorted. Every element in the interior photograph must play off of and work with each other, as well as within the context of the whole.


Light defines the feel of the space and it gives it a three-dimensional look. My approach to lighting varies depending on the space and client.

I want to create beautiful photographs. My lighting always enhances the space, and I use my lighting to lead the viewer’s eye through the space and feature important details and design elements. 

No matter if you are an interior designer, architect, business owner or building materials supplier you want your expertise highlighted. You want the colours of the room, the angles of the structure or the texture of your stones to impress your client.  

You’ve spent the time and energy to create your brand, your product and your business.  Be sure to take the next step and hire a professional architectural photographer to create the visual representation of your expertise. 

Call me at 087 8351106 and I’ll share with you how I can create the striking images of your property or product that will truly highlight the best of your brand.

Let me create photos you will love.


September 18, 2020