Sister Sister !


Sisters Portraits

It's one portrait I love creating. I have two sisters myself and it is rare that we get a portrait of us together but when we do its magical.

It's lovely to have portraits from when we were little girls to now as grown ups. I believe any opportunity that arises that a photo can be taken, even a camera phone one, just do it!

Here are two sisters I photographed last year. They got their hair and make up done professionally in the studio. They loved the experience and more importantly their mum and dad now have this very photo hanging proudly in their home.

Here are teenager portraits. I like to keep the clothes plain and focus more on their eyes and stunning flawless ,wrinkle free skin. How beautiful are these two sets of sisters.

The younger sisters we can have even more fun as they are in the giggly stage and love hugging their sisters without feeling awkward.

This is one of my award winning sisters portraits. The two older sisters are 17 and 21 and the baby sister was only 9 years old. I love how the older girls wrap their arms around her as they will always be her big sisters. 

Here are four sisters all ranging from 20’s-30’s. The ladies got their hair and make up done in the studio all together and they enjoyed some quality time with their mum who also came to the shoot afterwards over a fabulous lunch.

I always encourage all my clients to have a nice plan for after the shoot and make it a day you will always remember.

Here are the four sisters again with their mammy. 

How incredible is this portrait. The mum absolutely loves it and I loved creating it. My heart is full of love when I look at it.

If you love a portrait with your sister and you see what I create. Get in touch with me and I be delighted to tell you what to bring and wear to the shoot and create photos you will love.

Jill x

Portrait Photographer

Studio In Enfield, Co Meath

August 16, 2020