How to build confidence in front of the camera by Jill O'Meara


How to build confidence in

front of the camera 

by Jill O'Meara



Do you know how to build confidence in front of the camera? Do you know there is no such thing as not being photogenic? Fact! It's not your job to know what to do in front of the camera. That is my job as your portrait photographer.


Caption: A before and after photo of Theresa demonstrating how posing and lighting can affect how confident you are in front of the camera.


The first photo of Theresa is a before photo before hair/make over with no guidance what to do in front of the camera. The second photo, I show her exactly what to do and you know that she is relaxed as the eyes tell everything. They are twinkling. 



How do we make you feel confident?


I have seen shy clients who say they are not confident and light up in front of the camera with my guidance. It has nothing to do with being photogenic but how comfortable you feel.


That is the magic. When people come to me to get a portrait photoshoot they can be nervous. After a few minutes and a few photos, I always manage to make the person feel comfortable in front of the camera. You have to trust me. When you put your trust in me I get the "money shot"; yes the one photo you booked me to take. I will do a happy dance and show you it on the back of the camera and that's when the real fun then begins.

Caption: On left,Jill showing Mary Byrne the portrait on back of camera, On right, The portrait

My top 3 tips for the perfect photo


Here are my top 3 tips for getting the perfect portrait photo;

  • By showing you the right pose for your body shape,

  • the correct tilt of your face and

  • the right expression that is you,


With these 3 points, we are halfway there to the perfect portrait. After that point, it is all down to the magic your photographer brings.


The photographer needs to consider the type of lighting that is suitable for the shoot. The connection between the photographer and the client is the biggest part of the puzzle.


Caption: Left photo. Behind the scenes of Jill photographing Megan, Right photo: The finished portrait.


Yes, every single portrait you see on my website and social media, there is a twinkle in my client's eyes. I have nailed the art of engaging with my clients. The focus on the shoot is more about the interaction than the huge camera in my hand!


All you need to do is breath


That's the real key to capturing portraits of you that you will love. I always say that pressing the button is the easy part of the shoot. I will give you plenty of tips on what to do in front of the camera including how to pose. To relax you I will show you the back of the camera during the shoot so you know I am capturing photos you will love. It's such an empowering feeling to finally feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Caption: Catherine Fulvio at the gate of her vegetable garden at the foot of the Wicklow mountains.

Celebrities need guidance too.

Teaching to be confident in front of the camera comes natural to me. Why? I hate being in front of the camera too!.

I worked for RSVP magazine where I did photo shoots of Ireland's best known celebrities.

Singers, authors, TV presenters and models were some of these clients. They also had reservations about being in front of the camera too.

Caption: Terry Prone in her sunny sitting room in the Portrane Martello Towers overlooking the Irish Sea.

Caption: Terry Prone sitting in front of her home The Portrane Martello Towers.


I learned from a very early one that I had to be in control of the shoot  and bring a bit of life to the experience. People never remember what you say to them but they always remember how you made them feel.


L-R, Lucy Kennedy, Rick Savage from Def Leppard and Jennifer Zamparelli


Confidence is attractive

We all have it in us. I treat every client the same, yes even the models. I show you exactly what to do in front of the camera. My favourite clients to share this experience are women. I  understand we can be so much harder on ourselves than men.


Caption: The Three Amigos, L-R, Jimmy Buckley, Patrick Feeney and Robert Mizzell during a photoshoot for RSVP magazine in The Radisson St Helen’s in Stillorgan.



Being yourself in front of the camera is so important.


“Be yourself as everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde. This is one of my favourite quotes of all times.


I photographed the band “The Three Aimgos” for a magazine shoot for RSVP. Their fans adore their fun personality when they perform together on stage. We created a portrait to reflect this energy.



Caption: Ms ireland 2013, Aoife Walsh


I love watching my clients blossom in front of the camera. I had the joy of photographing Mary Byrne one of Ireland's incredible singers 4 times. Each time she blown away how she looks. On the last shoot as she floated out of my studio she said that she felt a million dollars.

It's empowering to have a photo of you that you love, at every age.

photo of Mary

Caption: Mary Byrne, The X Factor Finalist in 2010.

I am leaving with something to think about? Who would you like to be photographed with? Partner, Children, Mum, 3 generation shoot, sisters or extended family.


Do you need a reason to book?


What reason are you going to book a shoot? A milestone birthday? Wedding anniversary? or because you never had your photo taken professionally in a studio and you don't own a family photo?

3 Generations of women, Grandmother, Mother, Granddaughter.




Don’t let excuses win!

What excuse are you going to use to stop you? I need to lose weight? I don't take good photos. I heard them all. Book a session, you have nothing to lose as you only buy the photos that you love of you.

Mum with four daughters


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August 10, 2020