Just for the ladies!!


Contemporary Women Portraits


“Would you like to experience a magazine style photoshoot for women?


Would you like to treat yourself to a professional hair and make over in the studio?  . Would you like to feel like a celebrity for one day?


Let us show you the best version of you.” Jill O’Meara Photography


Where did the idea come from?


For over 8 years, I enjoyed doing celebrity shoots for the Irish Magazine RSVP. I photographed well known Irish celebrities ranging from singers, tv presenters to authors.


 I loved watching the makeover transformation from their every day look to the version we see on the T.V.


A range of outfits would be supplied by top boutiques in Dublin.

I select the outfit that works with the pose and back drop that I was set up to shoot.

I show them what to do in front of the camera.

Do this 5 times over 3 hours  and BOOM!!  We created a 6 page magazine spread .


Caroline Morahan and Pamela Flood co presenters “Off The Rails”


Cathy Kelly, Irish Best Seller Women Fiction Author.


Rick Savage of Def Leppard and Top Model Paige Savage


Contemporary Women Portraits Was Launched


In the back of my mind, I knew that every woman would love a real pampering session where you see the best version of you.


The experience can be shared with your mother, daughters and sisters. Together we can create a 3 generation portrait that will become one of the most valuable items you will own.


When was the last time you got your hair and make up done professionally?


Or when is the last time you got photographed professionally?


Your wedding or a family wedding?


The contemporary portrait sessions are for everyday women or all ages.


How to Prepare?


We will tell you how to prepare your wardrobe for the shoot so on the day all you have left to do is enjoy the experience.


I will coach you what to do throughout the shoot.


My clients feel the experience empowering. I capture them in a way they never seen themselves before


Hair & Makeover


Before and after hair and make over 


We offer the full experience of a magazine style shoot. It includes hair & makeover and shooting in the studio. Be ready to see the best version of you !


Did you ever experience a professional hair and makeover?


Now every woman can feel like a celebrity for one day.


The contemporary women's portraits are exactly this experience. We get your camera ready which includes the  hair and make up my our professional team.


A guide of what  outfits to bring will prepare you for the shoot.

Mary Byrne, Singer


I Heard All The Excuses Why Not To Book!


Most clients tell me they are not photogenic.


Most clients will tell me their hang ups about their body before the shoot [yes we all have them, we are human].


This information will help me tailor the shoot to create portraits of you that you love.


My job is to show you what to do in front of the camera


It's my job as a portrait photographer to show you what to do in front of the camera. All you have to do is enjoy the experience.


It’s A Experience Like No Other


We like you to share the experience with your grandmother, mother, sister and daughter.


Mother and Two Daughters Portrait

Sisters Portrait

Mother, Father and Daughter Portrait



The husband, brothers or sons can join the session after the makeover.



What kind of Portraits are created?


We create mother and daughter and sons portraits.

We love capturing a family's 3 or 4 generation portraits.

A family portrait of all members can also be created during the session.


Sisters Portrait


Book Afternoon Tea or A lunch After The Shoot


I always mention to book an afternoon tea or lunch for after the shoot, as everyone is going to look and feel incredible.

Make it a day to remember.


Jill x


Portrait Photographer

Studio In Enfield, Co Meath

August 16, 2020